What to See and Do While Staying in an Athens Greece Hotel

Before people come to Athens Greece they have a certain picture of the city in their head. They believe it to be a city full of ancient ruins, beautiful cafes, and long winding streets. They think the locals spend their time in these little cafe’s drinking ouzo all day long and playing backgammon. Of course there are areas where this is what happens but it is not everywhere.

The Hub of Athens is Incredible

When they first arrive in Athens they are taken aback by the noisy traffic jammed city packed with cars and buildings. This caused by poor planning and a city that was poorly built over the years. Athens can be overwhelming because it fits in with both pictures. This is why tourists who come to visit should look for Athens hotels that are located near the sites they want to see and near the activities they want to partake in.

Of course, the closer you are to the sights and the attractions the more expensive the Athens hotels will be. You will pay more for a convenient location but in the end it is worth it. This way you will avoid the traffic, the cost of taxis, and the frustration of getting around in a very large city.

The Grande Bretagne – The Nicest of Athens Greece Hotels

One of the nicest hotels is the Grande Bretagne Hotel in Athens. This is actually the best hotel in all of Greece. This is the hotel of all hotels and it is priced accordingly too. But there are also other nice hotels in the area like that of the Plaka hotel, or the Hermes. Both hotels are business class, so they are comfortable, and offer large rooms, bathrooms and all modern amenities.

Out and About Athens Greece

There are a few things that you must see while in Athens. You must not leave without a visit to the Acropolis, the Ancient Agora, the Plaka and the National Archaeological Museum. These activities all take about a half day to see, so you really only need about two days in one of the Athens hotels.

The Acropolis is the most important of all of these as it is one of the most important archaeological sites in the western world. Here you will see such sites as the Theatre of Herodes Atticus, the Erechteum, and the Parthenon.

The Plaka lies to the north of the Acropolis and holds several important churches and cathedrals, the Greek Parliament and several shops and cafes.

Ancient Agora is an ancient marketplace that was once in the heart of ancient Athens. It was hear that philosophers such as Socrates debated politics. Most of the area is now residential, you will still see the Temple of Hepahestus here which gives yo a feeling of what the ancient city was like.

Another treat is the National Archaeological Museum which has a large collection of Greek antiquities. Here you will see seven thousand years worth of art and culture.

Once you have seen the important sites of Athens and spent a nice two day getaway in Athens then you want to get out in the open and explore the surrounding country side. Once you are out of Athens you will see that hotels are less expensive and you can stick better to your budget. You may want to take a weekend getaway or a week in the Greek islands.

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