What Time is it in Athens?

Lots of people traveling to Athens wonder what the time difference is. Well we will clear up that question for you. Greek time is two hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time and an hour ahead of Central European Time, and if you are in the U.S. then it is 12 hours ahead of central time. So if it is one o’clock in the afternoon in Greece it will be one o’clock in London, and 11am of the previous day in New York.

The Time Difference in Athens Can be Confusing

Let’s give you another example. If it is 2:00 PM in Athens then it will be 12p.m. of the previous day in Montreal, and 9:00 AM in Vancouver, and 8AM the following day in Australia. Just as other European countries Greece moves their clock ahead an hour during summer and then back at the end of September. This is about a month earlier than countries like the US, Canada, and the UK do. So you need to be aware of the time difference.

If you are in Athens Greece and want to know exactly what time it is then you should dial 141. You will get a recorded message, in Greek that tells you what time it is. You can always just ask the front desk at your hotel too.

When you are dealing with jetlag you should try to stay awake during the better part of the day. Sleep during the night and it will take about a day for you to adjust to the time difference.

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