Vital Traveller Information on the Athens Airport

The Athens airport also known as Eleftherios Venizelos airport is an international airport and has several services which make it easier for travelers. You will find thirty five different shops and twelve restaurants here. Which makes for a nice way to while away the time while waiting for an arrival, or while waiting for your flight to arrive.

The Athens airport also has an equipped business center in eight different lounges for first class passengers to enjoy. This gives them their necessary conveniences.

Hotel at the Athens Airport

For people wishing to rest up the five star hotel Sofitel is located just across the main Athens terminal building. This hotel offers the best luxury accommodations as well as any business facilities guests may need.

For passengers traveling with children there is a children’s area in which they can play while waiting for the arrival of their flight. There is also a Valet parking service for those who don’t want to have the frustration of finding an airport parking spot.

One of the truly unique features of the Athens airport is the museum. This has a permanent exhibit of many archaeological findings from the airport area. It is located in the main terminal building and is open from 6 am to 11pm.

For your car rental needs or other travel arrangements there are 6 different car rental companies and several travel agencies that can help you in your car rental needs, or with hotel accommodations, boat tickets, cruises, etc.

The least expensive method of making phone calls in the Athens airport is through the OTE offices, and the public card phone booths. You just have to purchase a phone card from a kiosk or shop to make the phone call. You can also find many of these phone booths on the streets of Athens.

There are several methods of transportation from the Athens airport. You can use one of the four express bus lines, go by rail, use the metro system or hire a taxi. Of course, you can also rent a vehicle or use your own.

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