Unforgettable Landmarks Found In Athens

If you are thinking about cities that have histories measured in thousands of years rather than just a few centuries or less, Athens must be near the top of your list.

Situated in southern Greece, not far from the huge port of Piraeus, Athens has a history that stretches back into Greek myth. Indeed, many of the major sights worth seeing in Athens are named according to a Greek god of some kind. From Ares to Zeus, and Apollo to Aphrodite, you will be surrounded by characters from a bygone age.

The Temple of Hephaestus is perhaps the one temple you should definitely make a beeline for during your stay. Some ancient Greek monuments are only partially standing, but this one is almost intact compared to the others. Only one part of the roof has succumbed to various problems over the centuries.

The most famous temple in Athens is the Parthenon, but this isn’t in as good condition as the Temple of Hephaestus. This temple belongs to the Greek goddess Athena, who stood in support of heroes and as you may guess from her name, she is also Athens’ patron. The Parthenon stands majestically on top of the Acropolis, in itself a sight worth seeing. The two together command the attention and produce wonderful photos; they act as a reminder of ancient Greece in the middle of modern day Athens.

Staying on the subject of temples, the Temple of Olympian Zeus is another must see. Very little of this temple survives, but that in itself is something of a miracle since it was destroyed centuries before the present day. But what does remain still gives you a sense of grandness and scale, and can take your breath away.

If libraries tend to draw your attention, you should certainly make time to see one of the oldest ones in the world. Hadrian’s Library is a ruined building which stands close to the Acropolis itself. It is very likely that this building was used for reasons other than storing scrolls and such like, but it is commonly known as the Library today.

But if you fancy a change from all these temples, it would pay you to visit the Theatre of Dionysus. As with many other ancient structures in Athens, it is located near the Acropolis and is an excellent example of an open air theatre. One can imagine plays and performances taking place here thousands of years ago.

The good news is that if you choose to visit the city, flights to Athens are fairly short in nature; therefore, you’ll be among the ancient monuments sooner than you think. As a result, this should free up more time to explore the many Greek myths.

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