Things You Must See in Athens

If you are traveling to Athens then you will soon find out that there are many things to see in this wonderful city. You shootout have any trouble finding activities to fill your time, and you won’t have trouble finding things to take wonderful pictures of. The following is a list of sites that you must absolutely see when you come to Athens.

Where to Go and What to See in Athens

1. You must visit the Acropolis and the Parthenon. This is the absolute most fabulous attraction of Athens. It is here that the founding of European civilization began. It is here that we realized the importance of art, literature, and religion. You can purchase entrance tickets to this and other major archaeological sites before arriving at the Acropolis.

2. Visit important Greek theaters in Athens, like the Theater of Herod Atticus, and the Theater of Dionysus. Visit the Ancient Agora and imagine what it was like to stroll under the columned arches talking of philosophy, art and literature, in an age where most people did not even know how to write.

3. Visit the National Archaeological museum of Athens. This is within walking distance from Syntagma Square. It is a beautiful museum full of artifacts found in areas throughout Greece. You will find lovely samples of ancient Greek jewelry, art and sculpture here. You can even see items that were found on a shipwreck off the island of Antikithera.

4. Visit the Agora-Athens market. Nothing is so overwhelming yet so much fun as bartering for those beautiful authentic Greek art pieces. Try the food here too. You will find that several dishes are delectable and very inexpensive.

5. Visit mount Lycabettus and take a nature hike. There are spectacular sights here and you can sit at a cafe and enjoy the sights. If you don’t feel up to the trek you can still see the top of the mountain when you take the train. Some visitors take the train up the mountain and then walk down. You will get the chance to see small villages on the way down and these villages will give you a real feeling for what authentic Greek culture is all about.

Whatever you choose to do, you will find everything about Athens truly unique and interesting. You can join a tour, or make your own plans it does not matter.

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