Things to Do in Athens

The birthplace of Western civilization – Athens can boast a history dating back many centuries. The city itself is made up of many districts, with the most famous probably being the Acropolis.

Athens is always linked with the Olympic games, that was born here too, and there are many museums much architecture both old and new to explore based around that one aspect of the city. Since the modern Olympics was held there in 2004, the infrastructure has improved so getting around both the old and new parts of the city is easy. If you want to see the original Olympic stadium, then the 1896 Panathinaiko Stadium is available to visit.

Athens is still a very traditional city, and the lack of shopping malls means your days can be spent bartering in old world markets and at local family run shops. You can find almost anything among the streets, from fashion and jewelery to spices and even the occasional unlicensed vendor who will try and sell you an even better bargain!

Food is generally cheap, and if you want to stay on the traditional tack, try a souvlaki, which is grilled meat and vegetables wrapped in a pita bread. This is as basic and wholesome as you can ever want, at very reasonable prices – just find a vendor that the locals use.

The traditional side of the city goes to sleep at night, and the bars and clubs of Athens come alive. There is a wide variety to choose from that will fit all budgets. Go to the coastal zone, especially during the summer months to enjoy al fresco drinking and a party atmosphere. If you have the money, you can rub shoulders with the Athens elite in Balux – the top spot for the rich and famous.

Athens offers both the culture and vibrancy to suit most tourists.

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