The Plaka – The Oldest of Athens Neighborhoods

The Most Luxurious of Athen’s Neighborhoods – The Plaka

There are several things to do in Athens Greece, and one which we are going to talk about here is the Plaka. When you cross Odos Philhellinon into Odos Kydhathinaion, opposite of the Anglican church, sits the Plaka. On the right of Odos Kydhathinaion is the main church of one of the older parts of Athens. This church called Sotyra tou Kottaki is a church built in the form of the crucifix and erected by the Kottakis family in the thirteenth century.

The Ancient Neighborhoods of Athens – The Plaka

It was King Othon’s house (No.11) which was the elegant residence of the Russian Charge d’ Affaires for many years, and if you walk further down to No. 27 you can see the house built by Loannis Paparrighopoulos, a diplomate, in service to the Czar and a member of the Philiki Etaireia (society of Friends), the instigators of the Greek Revolution of 1821. Further along the street you will see the marble bust of Demetrios Kambouroglou, the famous Athenian Historian. If you continue down the street you will come to Odos Adrianou street which during the nineteenth century was the most exclusive residential street in Athens. This street turns left into Odos Hill which was named for the American Missionayr the Reverend John Henry Hill, who founded a girls school. Continuing your walk through this neighborhood will lead you towards the ruins of Roman Angora, the ancient market space.

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