The Piraeus Port – Still an Important Port and in Existence for Thousands of Years

In ancient Greece the port of Piraeus was one of the most important ports in the world and even today it is one of the busiest in the Mediterranean.

The Piraeus Port Has Always Been Important to Greece

Piraeus is very important to Greece, but it is not much fun for the tourists. Full of tall buildings, dusty streets, but still the yachts and the small tavernas and bars draw some attention. The port of Piraeus was founded in the 5th century BC and the ancient design of the port has not changed much over time.

Piraeus Almost Destroyed

Through the centuries Piraeus became more crucial to Athens and the Spartans took down the walls that separated the city and the port in 404 after the Peloponnesian War. When the Macedonians left, Sulla destroyed the city so that there would not be any Roman resistance, at this time Piraeus declined and became little more than a village with a very slight population.

Recently because Athens was again named the capital of the independent Greece, the port of Piraeus is again gaining its former glory as an important port for the nation. Unfortunately much of its historical buildings are gone as it was bombarded by Germans in 1941.

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