The Many Athens of the World

Athens is one of the largest city of Greece but it also one of the world’s most important cities because of it’s world heritage. It’s history has been recorded almost to 3,500 years. It is a city that for thousands of years has been a city of art, culture, literature, philosophy and history. It is a city that has been admired by others and one from which many styles have been copied.

Athens Has Many Namesakes Throughout the World

In fact, many cities use the relationship they have with Athens to attain a higher standing of knowledge and culture. In and out of Greece, many towns and cities have even incorporated some form of the Athens name into their own. In fact, there is an Athens for every four of the major compass points, Even American states carry the nickname of Athens.

Jyvaskyla is known as the Athens of Finland, and is named as such, because it is considered a city of learning, as Athens once was. It is in the city of Athens that the important teachings of Aristotle, Plato and Socrates were first known. Boston is known as the Athens of America, and Bogota Colombia is known as the Athens of South America. All of these cities are nicknamed Athens for similar reasons.

Even Russia Has an Athens

For instance, the Russian city of Tomsk was known for its emphasis on education and when WWII came about every 12th person was a student, so it was named the Athens of Siberia. Florence in Italy was known as the Athens of the middle ages and was the birthplace of the Renaissanse. This was another period of cultural change, and education for Europe and happened during the 14th and 15th centuries.

.There have been many other Athenian cities which have also been of cultural significance to the world, like the Indian city of Madurai, Sarospatak in Hungary, and even Lexington Kentucky.

Every city aspires to deign the name of Athens if only as a nickname. They wish to be associated with this great Greek city and this is why so many people wish to come to Athens to see such an important part of the world.

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