The Incredibly Scary Athens Taxi Ride

Contrary, to what you might believe, Athens is a huge city, with lots of traffic and lots of people. Many visitors find that taking an Athens taxi is the best way of getting around. The Athens taxi is fairly inexpensive but you have to be ready for the wild ride.

This is My Experience with Athens Taxis

I had just arrived in the city with some friends, and one of my friends had Greek friend living in the town of Stavros. He invited us to stay with him while we explored Athens, and until we continued our trip to the Greek Islands.

We had met Stravos in California during our college years. He returned to Athens and started a snow board company, which sold them throughout Europe. Stavros came for us in a friend’s car and then took us to his apartment. We took a nap and then decided to head out for a night on the town, and that is when we first experienced an Athens Taxi.

Athens taxi driving is very competitive, and their should be some time of championship for world’s best taxi driving. Anyway I was dumb enough to want to sit in the front seat when the taxi pulled up. I should have known something was up when Stavros just smiled. During that 15 minute taxi ride I feared for my life and for those of the other passengers.

The driver believed we were in a rush so he raced out, and drove through tight winding streets at speeds I could have never imagined. Then he weaved in and out of traffic, pedestrians, and bicyclists as if it where nothing. We were in the slow lane and driving at 80 miles an hour while trying to avoid the bicycle riders. My worst fear was coming into contact with one of those cyclist. It was terrible people coming out of every corner, cars pulling out right in front of us, and other cars weaving back and forth at incredible speeds. Now I truly have the greatest of respect for Athens Taxi drivers.

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