The Athens Festival is One of Those Events You Must See

A very interesting time of year to visit Athens is during the Athens Festival. This is when the ancient Greek monuments are made into theaters where people from all over the world visit to see the magnificence that Athens truly is. This city is steeped in culture, history, art and is the host of one of the largest celebrations of culture and art in the world.

The Hellenic Festival is a Wonderful Artistic Display

The Athens Festival is also called the Hellenic Festival. This is a four month long festival that goes on during the summer in Athens. events of music, theatre, and dance take place in this festival and all are truly magnificent. During the same time frame many venues come to life and bring world performances and musical talent from other parts of the world.

Famous Artists – Musicians – Theatre people – Have Participated in the Athens Festivals

Some of the most famous artists in the world have participated in the Athens festival over the years. These include Callas, Mitropoulos, Pavarotti, Rostropovich, Elton John, Protopsalti, Hadjidakis, and Dalaras, among others.

The Athens festival has been in existence for more than fifty years and started back in 1955. It was then that Dinos Giannopoulis a famous theatre director in America was invited to organize the Athens festival, and it was then that the New York Philharmonic opened for the first festival. Since then this festival has become much more popular around the world and more and more accommodations have been established to house the tourists coming in for the event.

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