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Acropolis of Athens – A Marvelous Achievement of Greek Civilization

A precious success of the golden age of Greek civilization, the magnificent complex Doric temple known as the Parthenon is the largest structure built in Greece, and it has crowned the top point of the city skyline (Acropolis means “upper town”) since the 5th century B.C. The amazing Acropolis is perched upon a limestone mount… Read More »

Athens Acropolis – Ancient Site in Greece

Everyone knows of the Acropolis, and knows that it is one of the most famous monuments of ancient times. In ancient Greek times the word actually meant “the highest point” in town. Ancient Greeks would build their towns on the flat land around a rocky hill this would allow them to better defend themselves during… Read More »

Athens Acropolis – The Most Famous Ancient Site in Greece

The word Acropolis in the ancient times actually meant the highest point of the town. The ancient Greeks used to build their towns in plains near or around a rocky hill that could enable them to fortify and defend it during invasion or wars. The word Acropolis refers to both the hill and the construction… Read More »