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The Enchanting Athens

If you like a quiet environment, you should go to Athens where there are many city parks and quiet places fit for you. Every season in Athens is enchanting. No matter you only pass by Athens when you went to an island in summer or you just consider Athens as a place of interest and… Read More »

Theseus -The Hero of Athens

Greece is a land of legends, and the people in many of the ancient city states told stories about great heroes in their past. Surprisingly, in view of its importance over many centuries, Athens could boast only one famous hero: Theseus. Theseus was the son of King Aegeus of Athens and Aethra, daughter of the… Read More »

Athens Acropolis – Ancient Site in Greece

Everyone knows of the Acropolis, and knows that it is one of the most famous monuments of ancient times. In ancient Greek times the word actually meant “the highest point” in town. Ancient Greeks would build their towns on the flat land around a rocky hill this would allow them to better defend themselves during… Read More »

The Parthenon of Athens Greece

The space around the Parthenon was replete with sacred objects and votive offerings. In the area between the temple of Athena and the Erechtheion, Pausanias reported the small shrine of the seed-bearing Earth where there was a statue of this minor divinity appealing to Zeus for rain. In grid Attica, drought was always one of… Read More »