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Acropolis of Athens – A Marvelous Achievement of Greek Civilization

A precious success of the golden age of Greek civilization, the magnificent complex Doric temple known as the Parthenon is the largest structure built in Greece, and it has crowned the top point of the city skyline (Acropolis means “upper town”) since the 5th century B.C. The amazing Acropolis is perched upon a limestone mount… Read More »

Immerse Yourself in the History and Culture of Athens This Summer

Of all the cities in the world you could visit for a culturally enriching city break, Athens is surely one of the most intriguing. With ancient ruins all over the city, various cultural events and festivals held annually, and a host of museums and galleries filled with ancient treasures, cultural enthusiasts are sure to come… Read More »

Beautiful Athens Greece and What This City has to Offer

Athens Greece is one of the most beautiful and historical cities in all the world. The old world architecture of the city shows its influence from a history that was of world importance. Athens is not only beautiful because of its architectonic and world history but also because of its deep surrounding natural beauty. This… Read More »

What to See and Do While Staying in an Athens Greece Hotel

Before people come to Athens Greece they have a certain picture of the city in their head. They believe it to be a city full of ancient ruins, beautiful cafes, and long winding streets. They think the locals spend their time in these little cafe’s drinking ouzo all day long and playing backgammon. Of course… Read More »