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The Parthenon Sculptures

The Acropolis Museum contains magnificent treasures which have survived to modern times as a testament to the respect of the Athenians and their love of beauty. Despite the fact that Lord Elgin took the lion’s share of the Parthenon‘s decoration, he also left fragments such as torsos from the pediment and sections of the frieze… Read More »

Parthenon Marbles Or Elgin Marbles? New Museum Sparks Debate

The opening of the new Acropolis Museum in Athens has raised thought-provoking questions about museum artifact ownership. This particular debate centers on the Parthenon Marbles (Elgin Marbles), a stunning facade or wall relief that was transported from Greece to the British Museum of Natural History between 1801 and 1805 by Thomas Bruce, 7th Lord of… Read More »

Parthenon Saga, 2009

Greece’s newly opened Acropolis Museum is certainly a wondrous spectacle on a wondrous landmark. However, the new museum is just as much a political turn in a giant chess battle to return historically significant fragments of the Parthenon‘s frieze back to the rightful and original owners. $200 million museum showcases various sculptures and artifacts from… Read More »

Athens Acropolis – The Most Famous Ancient Site in Greece

The word Acropolis in the ancient times actually meant the highest point of the town. The ancient Greeks used to build their towns in plains near or around a rocky hill that could enable them to fortify and defend it during invasion or wars. The word Acropolis refers to both the hill and the construction… Read More »