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Immerse Yourself in the History and Culture of Athens This Summer

Of all the cities in the world you could visit for a culturally enriching city break, Athens is surely one of the most intriguing. With ancient ruins all over the city, various cultural events and festivals held annually, and a host of museums and galleries filled with ancient treasures, cultural enthusiasts are sure to come… Read More »

The Best of Athens, Greece: A Guide for Tourists

Before you get too excited, read below to find some great tips about travelling to Athens. If you plan ahead, you’ll ensure that your Athens vacation is the best it can be! Getting to Athens: Using a Greek Travel Agent You might be frightened about using a travel agent you’re not familiar with – especially… Read More »

Things to Think About Before Booking Athens Hotels

When non-Greeks think of Athens, they picture a city of culture and history. They envision ancient ruins and quaint cafes along narrow, winding streets. The locals sip their ouzo, play backgammon, and click their prayer beads. When most Greeks think of Athens, they see a noisy, traffic-jammed sprawl of cars and buildings. They remember that,… Read More »

Athens Greece – Top 5 Unusual Things to Do

The long history, the ancient sites, the rich culture… Yes, these are facts that we all know about Athens Greece and we appreciate. However, wouldn’t you want to do some unusual things when you come to Athens? Visiting the Acropolis and the temple of Poseidon at Sounio are definitely must things to do, but wouldn’t… Read More »

The Parthenon of Athens Greece

The space around the Parthenon was replete with sacred objects and votive offerings. In the area between the temple of Athena and the Erechtheion, Pausanias reported the small shrine of the seed-bearing Earth where there was a statue of this minor divinity appealing to Zeus for rain. In grid Attica, drought was always one of… Read More »

Holidays in Athens – the Greek Capital

This metropolitan capital is also the largest and one of the oldest cities in Greece. Athens is rich with ancient history, myths and a contemporary touch of bars, cafe and restaurants. Athens is also the city of Olympics, architecture and holiday in Athens is nevertheless a complete adventure in itself, with Athens offering breathtaking archaeological… Read More »