Stay in One of the Fabulous Athens Hotels

Athens is one of the most interesting and ancient cities in the world. It is the birthplace of culture, art and history, and when you come to see all that Athens has to offer then you also want to stay in one of the best Athens hotels. These hotels are truly unique especially in terms of their architecture.

One of the most ancient cities in the world, Athens is the most amazing city for the culture and history lover! Athens Hotels are amongst the best in the world, especially in terms of their unique architectural style.

The Different Architectural Styles of Athens Hotels

Here you will find many different architectural style including that of ancient Greek, to traditional. You will find excellent samples of Neo-Classical style, Colonial styles, and even modern styled hotels. Athens has it all.

Athens Hotels are Near the Acropolis

Many of the hotels are located in the center of the city, because this is where the Acropolis stands. This is the area that most tourists want to visit. In Athens the historical part of the city is right downtown, unlike other cities in Europe. Come and stay in one of the wonderful hotels of Athens and trek up to the Acropolis. It is an incredible feeling to stand on the hill where the Zeus temple once stood, see the ancient theaters and imagine an ancient Greek play being held here.

If you are coming to Athens for the first time you should stay in one of the hotels that is located near the Acropolis, some of these include the Athens Gate, the Polis Grand among others. From there all you have to do is walk to the great archaeological sites.

By staying near the center your hotel will always be in walking distance and you can walk through the heart of Athens. There are all types of hotels in Athens to choose from. No matter what your budget is like you will find something here.

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