Selling a Luxury Athens Home

When you own an Athens home and think of selling it, you want to get the best price you possibly can. If this is your aim then you must stage the home for sale. You want to clean it up, do any maintenance repair, and make the home look elegant and inviting. This way your luxury Athens home will get a better price. You want to create curb appeal too. This means you should trim shrubs and trees and make sure that the outside looks as nice as the inside.

A home buyer has a discerning eye and will pick out all the imperfections. Staging a Luxury Athens home does not take a lot of money. Just check to see if the interior needs a new coat of paint, or if you need to stage a bedroom, add a few cushions, a vase or add a design element. You need to take your personal elements out, and declutter the home. You want the Athens home to seem spacious and elegant. If you do not have these items you can lease furnishings for staging a home, or call in an expert to help. There are businesses that only deal in staging.

Stage the Athens Luxury Home

When you have everything ready then you can contact a real estate agent. You want someone who specializes in luxury homes in Athens. You want someone that can help you get the best possible price. However, before taking this step you must be sure that the home does not need a new coat of paint or any details are left undone. When you do check with a real estate agent you want to check their reputation and their track record. Don’t settle for anyone but the best of Athens real estate agents, and shop and compare different services.

Choose an Athens Real Estate Agent Carefully

Ask the right questions. For instance, you should ask what they plan to do to market your Athens home. You definitely want an agent who is going to be proactive and one who has many contacts. Then research the value of comparable homes and find a realistic price for your home. If possible look for an independent appraisal. Remember, if your price is high then you have room to negotiate.

Once your luxury Athens home is on the real estate market you want to keep in touch with the real estate agent and talk about any offers that come along. If you have not received offers then you should revise your selling price, and continue to look at maintenance issues that may rise.

Don’t be impatient, when you know what you are selling then you will get the best price, and selling will not be hard and will be a much smoother process.

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