Piraeus – An Ancient Greek Port Still Functioning Today

Piraeus as it was anciently called, known today as Piraeus, or Pireas is a city located on the southern side of Athens in Attica. What makes this area so attractive to visitors is the fact that this is the oldest port in Athens, and built by the ancient Greeks and used by them as well as by modern ships, therefore this area is of great importance to the Athens of today, as well as of great historical value, because of it’s design and of it’s historical teachings.

Piraeus Port Functioning From as Far Back as Ancient Greek Times

Although the port of Piraeus does not look as it did in ancient Greece it still has many of the old world and ancient antiquities of the time making it one of the most important tourist attractions when visiting Athens. The name “Piraeus” means “The Place over the Passage” which is of great significance to all Greeks both ancient and modern. When Piraeus was first formed, it was a small island which connected to the land by a narrower stretch of land. The main port of Piraeus is the most important but there are also two other small harbors which make this a very active area. The port was first established formally by Themistocles in 490 BC when he built a fortification near the area so he could easily use the area as a port and protect the Athenians from Persian attacks.

Who Lives in Piraeus

Today the port has a population of 175,000 people with about 16,000 inhabitants per km2. It has now become a municipality within the city itself, along with others like Korydalos, Keratsini, Drapetsona, Perama, and Rentis.

Piraeus has been called home by several notable people like, the Andrianoloulos brothers, founders of the Olympiacos, Yiorgos Batis, famous Greek musician from 1885 to 1967, and Dimitris Gkogkos, another 20 century musician.

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