Daedalos in Athens and Crete

The Athenians have presented the world with many famous savants, who have contributed much to the development of human knowledge. The earliest known was Daedalos, the grandson of King Erechtheos. Like Leonardo da Vinci centuries later, he seems to have been an all-round genius: inventor, craftsman and architect.

Things to Do in Athens

The birthplace of Western civilization – Athens can boast a history dating back many centuries. The city itself is made up of many districts, with the most famous probably being the Acropolis. Athens is always linked with the Olympic games, that was born here too, and there are many museums much architecture both old and… Read More »

The Enchanting Athens

If you like a quiet environment, you should go to Athens where there are many city parks and quiet places fit for you. Every season in Athens is enchanting. No matter you only pass by Athens when you went to an island in summer or you just consider Athens as a place of interest and… Read More »

What Time is it in Athens?

Lots of people traveling to Athens wonder what the time difference is. Well we will clear up that question for you. Greek time is two hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time and an hour ahead of Central European Time, and if you are in the U.S. then it is 12 hours ahead of central time.… Read More »

Greek Time in Athens Greece

Greek time is two hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time, an hour ahead of Central European Time and seven hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time. So when in Greece the time is midnight, midnight in London the time will be 10:00 PM in New York it will be 5:00 PM and in Paris it will… Read More »

Where to Eat in Athens, What to Eat In Athens

There is no other city in the world where you can experience Greece like you can in Athens. This is the city where you can actually participate in history. Imagine yourself going to the Parthenon at the top of Acropolis and seeing all of Athens from atop. Imagine all the different people who have been… Read More »