Holidays in Athens and Things You can do in Athens

The City of Athens is the oldest and the largest city in all of Greece. Athens is known throughout the world because of its great contribution to Ancient history. In fact the whole country is full of myths, stories, romance, and beauty but Athens stands out among the others. Visiting this great city is an adventure in itself. There is no other place that offers so much rich archaeology, culture, and a mixture of many diferrent people. The following tips may help you get around Athens and give you some idea of the important attractions you may want to take in.

The Athens Acropolis Of course

The Acropolis is of course the one thing that every tourist must visit when coming to Athens. This altar to great Greek architects, designers and artists of ancient Greece stands high upon the hill, making for a spectacular view of this world renown city.

the Acropolis is made of many different buildings and wonderful temples. EAch year there are thousands of tourists who come to visit this one spot and it is a place that no one should iss when they come to Athens.

The Temple of Poseidon for an Athens Greece Holiday

This temple has beautiful views of the sea and of the wonderful Greek sunsets. It gives each visitor a view of what ancient Grecians saw.

The National Archaeological Museum in Athens Greece

The Museum was built in 1889 and here you can find many amazing artifacts from olden civilizations. The Museum is full of art, culture, and irreplaceable richness. In fact one sample really stood out for me, that of the mask of Agamemnon which is thought to be some 3,600 years old. There are also many samples of Greek Sculpture, Cycladic Idols, ancient jewelry, coins and many other artifacts.

Visit the Plaka

This is a great place loved by visitors and a great place to unwind. this is a 19th century narrow street filled with shops, boutiques and great cafes. There are always both locals, and tourists in this area. It is the perfect place to pick up a great souvenir.

Dine in Piraeus

This is found just outside of main Athens in the suburbs. Both locals and tourists love to dine in this area. It is well known for its wonderful dining, sea food restaurants. Piraeus cannot really be considered Athens but it can be reached by one of the many ferries.


This is a monastery still maintained by monks and is regularly visited by tourists. This monastery was built in the 11th century and had the interesting mosaics installed in the 16th or 17th century. It is surrounded by beautiful vegetation, and gardens.

Most of the year is a great time to visit Athens, butte summer months are extremely hot and humid. So its best to come during the fall or spring.

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