Great Athens Gay Bars

Athens is a large wonderful city full of culture, nightlife, all kinds of people. It is an ancient city and yet a great urban metropolitan hot spot.

Athens Completel Gay Friendly

It is the capital of the country of Greece and because this city has withstood trials, tribulations and time, it also has a more open view of humanity. There are no laws here against same sex relationships and so there are many different gay bars and clubs in the city. Here you can expect to have a fabulous time in Athens.

Athens Gay Friendly Everywhere But Some Areas are Preferred

Even though all of Athens is gay friendly there are many areas that are more popular among the gay community. But many of these areas are spread throughout the city. One such place is Baby Graffiti, which is a very popular gay bar, especially with the locals. Another great Gay Athens bar is Conne which is located on Persefonis Street. Most bars open after 10pm and close at 4 am and receive a very mixed crowd of people. The ambiance is very eclectic. The music is a mix of modern and some Greek traditional music.

Another suggestion could be a bar that is called Fairy Tale which is a lesbian bar located on Koletti Street. They open every day except for Mondays. Clients are mostly women , but men are also welcome. They have live music on weekends and Greek music throughout the week. This is a great ambiance for friends to get together. If you love to dance then you want to visit Kazarma, the music is lively and great to dance to. The dance floor is gigantic. They are closed on Monday and Tuesday.

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