Get a Sight of the Great Athens Night Life

After you go an admire the Acropolis in Athens, then you should head to the old Turkish bazaar in the Monastiraki Square and explore Plaka, an old 19th century residential area just off the oldest market square in the world, then you are ready to head for a drink just as Dionysus did some thousands of years ago.

Where to Stay in Athens Greece

Once you have eaten and drunk with the gods then its time to think of where to sleep and one of the most popular hotels is the Semiramis which is located in Kifissia a suburb just 10 miles north of the center of Athens. The hotel was designed by trendy designer Karim Rashid and unique because of it’s glowing pink cubed entrance, its contemporary art collection and the digitally programmed door signs.

Athens and the Great Night Life

Once you have signed in then its time to check out the Greek nightlife. Bars and night life abound in Athens and there are new places to visit every week. Some of the more popular spots, and especially dance clubs move into temporary spots for the high season summer months along the coast. You will want to check with your concierge to be sure the venue is still in the same spot.

Most of the clubs are frequented by crowds under the age of 30 and these run lively music and entertainment throughout the night until about 3 am. Drinks run about 6 EUR but are very generous, and on weekends some clubs charge a cover. Most foreign tourists get in easily enough, although large groups of men may have a few problems when things are hopping. During the months of September to May you can see the Athens elite in central to see and be seen.

They enjoy the creamy white interiors with sushi and cocktails. Central is closed from May to September, but changes its name to Island and opens on the coast overlooking the Aegean Sea.

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