Find Great Athens Budget Hotels in Piraeus

Greece and the Greek Islands are one of the most popular destinations among world travelers, and because it is such a popular destination there are many types of accommodations available, from those that are made especially for the budget traveler to those who are looking for a little more luxury than the basics.

Where Do You Find a Budget Hotel in Athens

People travel to Greece for many reasons but primarily because it is a country rich with historical value and there are some incredible views of nature at it’s best. Here you will find beautiful sandy beaches, and crystal clear blue water. Many restaurants will delight your palate and there are many places to find the type of music you love. There are so many incredible things to do and see in Greece that you will want to budget yourself as far as accommodation go.

Try Piraeus for a Budget Hotel in Athens

If you haven’t made plans for your accommodations, you will want to find a hotel in Piraeus. There are some great low budget hotels in this area. This is the port that is also the gateway to the Greek islands, which makes it convenient if you plan on doing any Greek island hopping. If you are looking for low budget hotels then you want to look for a two star hotel in the center of Piraeus. Most of these hotels have comfortable rooms with breakfast included. The rooms come in single, double or triple rooms.

One such hotel is the Lilia Hotel which is very near the Port of Piraeus. Plus you have the added benefit of having free transport to the port from this hotel every morning. These accommodations include breakfast and air conditioning when needed. The only negative side to this hotel, and only for some people is the fact that no smoking is allowed here.

Another great hotel in this category is the Hotel Anemoni. This is located within the city and has AC, TV and private restrooms. Breakfast is also included in the room tariff. Hotel Argo is located right in the middle of Piraeus, very close to the port and yet, only twenty minutes from Athens.

The Mistral Hotel is near the downtown area in Piraeus port and has 80 rooms, with their own restrooms, AC, internet connection, phone, and TV. This hotel also has a fine restaurant. Rates are mid range, and not totally inexpensive, nor very expensive.

A Greek hotel will be categorized by the number of stars it carries, the higher the stars the higher the cost of the accommodations.

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