Different Things to Do in Athens Greece

Athens is probably one of the few cities with such an ancient history and one which give visitors a rich cultural experience. It is a great experience for everyone but there are a few unusual things you may enjoy adding to your list of activities. The following are five additional activities you may enjoy besides visiting the Acropolis and the Temple of Poseidon.

The Tactual Museum in Athens Greece

There are only five museums like this in the world. It is designed for blind or visually impaired people but even if you can see it is beautiful experience. You can wear a mask and experience touching the exhibits. You will find several copies of famous works here including Hermes of Praxiteles, Aphrodite of Milos, a 3D miniature model of the Acropolis, and other works from ancient Greece, Byzantine times, and even from the Olympic Games. This museum is located on Doiranis St 198 in Kallithea.

Marathon Lake in Athens Greece

This is located about 40 km away from downtown Athens. It is one of the main water sources for the city. This is a beautiful lake surrounded by beautiful vegetation. The dam sits on one side and there is a cafeteria above it, which has a great view of the lake and surrounding area. There are some nice villages in the surrounding areas you may want to explore.

Mount Parnitha Near Athens Greece

This is one of the mountains that overlooks the Greek capital. It is a great place to go hiking or to go bike riding. On the top you may want to visit the casino and if you wish you can spend the night at one of the hotels. Visit a loca travel agent to get the schedules for daily mountain biking treks and hikes.

The Athens Museum of Shadow Theater

This actually commemorates the story of Karagiozis, one of the famous shadow theater heroes.The museum offers other famous figures of Greek shadow theatre as well. It demonstrates how the figures are made and the different scenes used for the performances. This is a museum full of Greek culture and tradition.

You can Always Play Paintball in Athens Greece

This is a relatively new sport in Greece, and some of the paintball fields are located in the Athens suburbs, and even close to the international airport.

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