Athens, What to do in Athens

Athens has a rich and long history. In fact, it is one of the most interesting histories in the world and one which we all learn of in school. This city was the world empire of Greece at one time, and today, is still the capital of a great country. Athens is the city you want to visit if you want to be enriched with culture, knowledge, and a deep and wondrous history. There are probably very few places you can visit in the world, that are like Athens.

Athens is not only steeped in history but also in mythology, and mystery. It is a very ancient city and the center of Greek culture and learning. In fact, many of the ideas that were once thought of here in Athens are even today used throughout the world. Athens is an important, rich, energetic city and very large. There are close to 4 million people in this city.

The City Named After Athena – The Goddess of Wisdom

It takes it’s name from the Greek goddess of Athena, who is the goddess of wisdom, a very fitting name for this great city. The best time to visit the city is in the late summer or early fall when the weather has cooled and there are not so many tourists roaming around. You will find Athens lovely at this time of year, and you can really enjoy the gardens, parks and cafes at this time.

The hustle and bustle of the city resembles that of New York, but you will find that Athens still retains an old world charm about it too. There are lots of things for tourists to see and you don’t have to go to far to see them.

Visit the Acropolis in Athens

Of course, the first place you will want to visit is the Acropolis, as this is the most ancient part of Athens and filled with lovely temples, objets d’art and many beautiful things of antiquity. Then you will want to go to the Agora market. This was the place Socrates held his audiences captivated and the place where St. Paul converted people to his new Christianity.

Athens food is delectable and you will find many restaurants with lots of traditional Greek Cuisine. Try the salads and the fresh vegetable plates. You will be amazed at the taste. Athens is not the cheapest city in the world. You can expect to pay 40 euros for the cheapest of accommodations and 120 euros if you want a room to yourself. But still a trip to Athens is worth every penny you may have to spend.

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