Athens -The Acropolis – Where Ancient History Meets Modern Times

Athens is the largest of the cities in Greece and the most important, it is the main destination of first time visitors, and business executives alike. There is no city that is such a combination of history and modern life, as Athens is.

Athens is Like Going Back in Time While Remaining Grounded in the Present

This is the city which epitomizes Greek life. It is full of rich, historical and priceless archaeological sites, art, culture, and yes to a degree lots of people, and a modern urban life style. There is no other city that mixes ancient history with modern life as well as Athens does.

Athens – A City Teaming with Life

On first seeing Athens many visitors get a first impression of Greece as being a city full of poetic chaos. Traffic moves back and forth, taxis drive crazily in and out of other cars, and items seem to spill from the shop doors. Still there are peaceful havens in all of this chaos, like that found at Acropolis, even if there are many tourists visiting the site.

The History of Athens and the Acropolis

Greece had a major impact on humanity, and was one of the first major civilizations to be of cultural, artistic, mathematical, and scientific importance. This is where you stand on the ground that began modern civilization.

Probably the most important national treasure that is of significant value to humanity because of its history, culture, and artistic abilities is Acropolis. This is the most important archaeological site in Athens. Even the large number of visitors this site gets every year does not minimize the sheer size of the site. The two standing edifices are the Pantheon and the Erechteum and both are incredible.

When you go to the Pantheon, you are immediately struck by awe, and impressed by the ancient Greeks ability to build such beautiful huge buildings. The Erechtheum is one of the most beautiful buildings in the world because of the Caryatids, the columns with the sculpted female figures. When you stand on Acropolis and look down you have a great view of Greece, and come away with the knowledge that Athens is truly an ancient city, one to be admired.

But lets put the Acropolis aside, Athens has much to offer, besides just archaeological ruins. Walking through this city is like walking through time. It is a rich cultural city where both the ancient and the modern intermix and mingle. It is a place where you can live real history.

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