Athens Hotels, amongst the Best in the World

One of the most ancient cities in the world, Athens is the most amazing city for the culture and history lover! Athens Hotels are amongst the best in the world, especially in terms of their unique architectural style.

In Athens, you will find hotels in all styles – Ancient Greek Architecture, Traditional Constructions, Neo-Classical Architecture, Modern hotels, Colonial style constructions and many many more!

This ancient city has evolved through the centuries and in Athens, you will find hotels showcasing the journey from all periods. In Athens, you will find the ancient just next to the ultra-modern. Like from the city, you can see the ancient Acropolis on one end and you will see the towering buildings on one side!

There are a lot of Athens hotels located right near the center of the city – That is where the Acropolis stands! That’s the beauty of Athens. Unlike other cities, where the old part is usually shoved over to one corner and the city expands in another direction, Athens has expanded around the Acropolis for 25 centuries now!!

It is such a unique sight to stand at the Acropolis hill with the Zeus temple and the ancient theaters, and Hadrian’s gate on one side, and see the modern edifices of Chrome and Glass on the other side.

If you choose to visit Athens Hotels for a leisurely stay steeped in culture, choose to stay in one the hotels near the Acropolis, like the Polis Grand or the Athens Gate. Then, you can just walk down the archeological walk, starting from the Gazi area through the Plaka, around the Acropolis and ending at the Panathinaikon stadium.

Your hotel will be within walking distance and you can take a leisurely stroll through the heartland of Athens. You will find hotels of all categories in the city of Athens – Economy hotels, Budget hotels, Star classified hotels and Luxury suites and villas. Just make sure that you book early so that you will get a good price.