Athens Greece and The Acropolis Museum Saga

One of the new additions to Athens Greece is the Acropolis Museum. This is a wonderful new museum with samples of some of the most wondrous ancient artifacts, and art works in the world. But this new museum has also caused much political discord, because of the need to bring back ancient relics that were once removed from the ancient sites and taken to other countries like England. In particular, what is being fought over are the remnants of the Parthenon frieze to its original owners. This new $200 million museum offers many ancient significant sculptures, art work and artifacts from the Acropolis.

Foreign Occupation Has Severely Affected the Acropolis – Says the Acropolis Museum

Because of the foreign occupation of Greece for 1,800 years, many of the ancient treasures of Acropolis have been extracted into other national collections. Since Greece’s independence it has been in a political debate with the British museum for the return of many sculptures that pertain to the Acropolis.

British Museum Refuses the Request of Athens Museum

Currently the British museum owns 75 meters of the Parthenon frieze and many dozens of relief sculptures. These were taken by Lord Elgin at the beginning of the 19th century while under the rule of the Ottoman empire. Elgin sold those artifacts to the British Museum in 1817. Today The British Museum has refused to return the pieces, and instead has offered to loan them to the new Acropolis Museum, which the Athens museum refuses to accept. Many nations deride tthe British Museum for its stance on the matter and agree that the statues should be returned to their rightful place.

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