Athens Greece and Famous Beverages

One of the most famous things Greece is known for is the Ouzo. This is an alcoholic beverage and is usually given as an aperitif, with small appetizers known as pikilia or meze. Ouzo is served in a very small glass, along with a glass of water. The appetizers usually consist of tomato, cheese, olives and fish.

Famous Beers and Spirits in Athens Greece Too

If you love beer then Greece is a wonderful country as there are many wonderful beers sold here like, Amstel, Mythos, and Heineken. There are a few American brands, but they are not as common. Be aware that shots are well served here so two drinks will either get you in a good mood or knock you out.

Athens Greece Well Known for the Night Life

There are some great restaurants, and bars in Athens, and many differen cocktails, spirits and wines available. Many of the bars also offer some type of appetizer, like a cheese plate or even a pasta dish. Look in local guides and travel magazines for some of the more interesting bars, restaurants and cafes.

Greek Athens Wine

Wines are usually served in the tavernas and are usually Greek wines. You can find some of the French wines in some of the better restaurants. If you are looking for good lower priced wines, you may want to try Lac des Roches, Apelia and Bon Viveur, or the Boutari.

Mid priced wines include Tsandali, Makedonikos, Ayoritko, Manzavino, Naoussa Boutari, or Cava Boutari.  Cava Cambas is a ten year old wine with a beautiful wax label which is a wonderful wine.

One of the most quaint and interesting things about Athens Greece is the wonderful barreled wines that are served in jugs at most of the tavernas.

Retsina is definitely a special wine worth mentioning. This is a white wine that a natural resin. The extraordinary wine taste originally came from the pine barrels in which this wine was stored. This distinct flavor certainly grows on you.

Athens Greece and Brandy

Imagine yourself in an outdoor cafe drinking a cup of wonderful Greek coffee with a little Metaxa added into it. This makes for a truly memorable experience.

There are many different brandies available in most Athens bars and some of the restaurants. While you are in Athens you must try the Metaxa. The seven star brandy is the most expensive, then it goes down successively to five star, and then three. These brandies are great in a cup of coffee and a great way to end a perfect day while visiting Athens Greece, especially if you have never tried Greek coffee. When drinking your Greek coffee you will be asked whether you want it metrio or sketo. Metrio means with sugar and sketo without.

Greek Coffee

If you are a coffee lover then you want to try Greek coffee which is a little stronger than normal coffee but wonderful all the same. You might also want to think about taking a bottle of famous Greek brandy home with you. It will impress your friends and family. The following great recipe for Greek coffee will bring all the memories back.

Fill a metal briki with an espresso cup full of water and then add a teaspoon of Greek coffee. Then add sugar.

Place over the heat and stir until the coffee boils and starts to bubble. Pour it into the espresso cups and serve with a glass of iced water and a little Metaxa.

It is always fun to take back customs you have learned in Athens Greece back to your home town. You wont want to forget the bottle of Ouzo and a bottle of that special Greek wine.
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