Athens and History – What do They Have in Common?

Athens is the most important of all the cities in Greece both because of its rich history and because of its current importance in the political life, and cultural life of Greece.

Athens Greece Full of Culture, History and Urban Life

There is no other city in the world that is such a mixture of culture, modern urban life, and history, and none other combines all of these so well.

When visiting Athens most people want to see the wonderful archaeological sites, the colorful neighborhoods and watch the people go by. Its as if poetic chaos takes place here every single day of the year. Roads are traffic jammed, taxi drivers weave in and out, and goods spill out from the store in wild colorful piles.

Athens History Goes Back more than Three Thousand Years

We all know that Greece has had a tremendous impact on the history of humanity, but when in Athens you have a chance to really live the experience of Greek history. This is the place where the arts were invented, where poetry was refined, and where the theatrical arts were invented.

The most important historical site of Athens is the Acropolis. This is the finest of archaeological sites and it is here where you will get a true impression of what the ancient Greeks life was like. Even with all the damage that has happened to the Acropolis it is still truly impressive. This sight stands vigil over Athens. The two buildings that still stand in the Acropolis are the Pantheon and the Erechteum which are part of what makes the entire site so impressive.

It is while looking at the Pantheon that you are truly impressed by the Greeks and their ability to create such impressive,structurally sound, and beautiful stone buildings, especially during a time in humanity when just having a straw hut was a luxury.

The building of Erechteum is distinguishable around the world as the Greek building that stands out of our textbooks for all its beauty and the wonderful tall Caryatids, the columns with the sculpted female figures. These stand up on the mount as if they watch over the entire city throughout the thousands of years. Imagine what those eyes have seen and the changes that have been made to the city of Athens in that time.

There is actually a lot more to do in Athens than just visit the Acropolis. You will also love some of the neighborhoods, the port, and the people of Athens. There are entire books written on this fabulous city and what it has to offer. But be sure to plan ahead and get to the Tower of Winds if you have the time.

Just imagine walking through history to modern times and you will have imagined the city of Athens and what it has to offer.

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