Athens – A World of Wonders

Athens is a huge city. There is a great deal of hustle and bustle here, but there are still places where you can get some quiet time to yourself. Athens has many gorgeous city parks that will give you the time you need. Athens is truly enchanting in the parks during the summer months. You should get to Athens even if it is a passing trip on your way to the Islands. Athens is the gateway to Greece, and it prepares everyone for what Greek life is like. Athenians are extremely proud of their city, and the city reflects that pride.

Athens – The Birth Place of Culture in Europe

Athens is not only the capital of the country and a great industrial city but it is also the birthplace of much of mankind’s historical, and artistic value. There are a variety of different biospheres in Athens. There are mountains, sunshine, oceans, heritage, and modern amenities and culture to enjoy.

About six million people visit this five thousand year old city every year. It is believed that the Ionians established the city in the 8th century BC. Athens is so popular because this was the city where it can be said that art, law, science, and philosophy were born. Important ancient writers like Euripides, Aristophanes, Socrates and Plato where from Athens.

Art Objects in Athens

Many relics from this ancient period still remain in Athens and reflects the spirit of the ancient days. Athens has many world famous museums that are a treat to see.

The city of Athens remains an important shipping port for every country that lies in the eastern Mediterranean. Just outside Athens about 10km lies the very first Port of Athens called Piraeus. Even today most of the incoming and outgoing cargo comes out of this port.

Athens has so much to offer, and the activities and sights are the reason it is so popular among people that love to travel. So come to Athens and see what everyone is talking about.

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