Acropolis Museum Houses Magnificent Treasures of the World

Some of the most magnificent treasures in the world are found in the Acropolis museum. This is a 2 million dollar museum built just to house some of the most important treasures of Greece and especially of Athens. Even though Lord Elgin happened to rob the parthenon of large parts of this treasure, he also left many things like torsos, and sections of the Metopes frieze. The Acropolis Museum is now known to house the most comprehensive collection of sculptures from the Acropolis, but still the British Museum of natural history has much of the frieze that Lord Elgin robbed from the Parthenon.

Much of The North Frieze – Located Within the Walls of the Acropolis Museum

Almost the entire western part of the frieze which denotes the procession of Panathenaean is still located on the Parthenon. The history of the frieze and representations of what it looked like in all of its glory is located within the Acropolis museum, but stil 2/3rds of the Parthenons frieze is still being held by the British Museum. Certain areas from the northern side are now located in the Acropolis museum.

One of the most beautiful parts of the frieze, block 859 depicts the hoplite aprobates (an athlete wearing his helmet carrying a shield and leaping from chariot to chariot) is housed in the museum, as well as block 864 (sixth block from the north frieze), which depicts six old men bearing olive branches and walking in the procession. Another block you will find here is block 864 (from the nort frieze) depicting three youths holding hydriads, and a fourth leaning over to pick a hydriad up. This is classical composition at its best.

Block 857 also from the northern frieze depicts three young men dressed in himations and leading two oxen to be sacrificed. Some experts say this was done by Phidias. Then there is block 860 with young men leading rams to be sacrificed. The frieze comes to life through the young men’s carressing hands.

One of the most interesting blocks that is housed in the Acropolis museum is block 863, which appears to be in total movement with riders galloping to the left and a master of ceremonies spreading his arms to direct the traffic.

All of these blocks are now housed in the Acropolis museum and well worth seeing. There are many other exhibits on display here too. The museum is now the pride and joy of Greece, and stands out as a modern day masterpiece.

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