A Guide to Athens

Ancient Greece’s best known temple ‘The Acropolis‘ is definitely for many people one of the highlights of their holidays in Greece. The Acropolis contains several temples and the most important of these is the Parthenon, which is dedicated to the Goddess Athena. The Ancient Greeks considered Athena to be the protector of Athens and built the Parthenon to commemorate her role in the city.

The site of the Acropolis also contains the Acropolis Museum, which opened in June 2009 and is focused on the items found during the archaeological excavation of the Acropolis. The site houses over 4,000 separate items and was designed by the Swiss architect, Bernard Tschumi, and with modern features such as light sensitive glass and art installations, has come under fire for not keeping with the Doric styling of the old museum. Another controversy surrounding the museum is that of the Elgin Marbles, the new museum has special installation cages set up for their return from the British Museum, although this is not yet guaranteed.

A luxury holiday in Greece requires a luxurious hotel and the Divani Caravel which offers sunset views of the nearby Acropolis is definitely the best in Athens. This luxury hotel in Greece has a scenic rooftop swimming pool, where you can relax on a sun lounger and simply watch the world go by with a refreshing cocktail in your hand.

For the next day of your holiday in Greece head to the Agora region, which used to be the political, administrative and cultural heart of the city. During the heyday of Ancient Greece it was not uncommon for stall holders, philosophers and law makers all to mingle together in this area. The site now houses the Temple of Haephaistos which is thought to be the best preserved ancient temple in the country. However, if you’re after a more modern experience on your luxury holiday in Greece then head for lunch at the famous Agora restaurant which is located within the confines of this complex. The restaurant offers traditional Greek dishes, such as Stifado and Moussaka, but is as well-known for its well-mixed cocktails as the delectable food which it offers.

After you’ve had your fill of Greek food and copious drinks you may feel a little like Dionysus, the Greek god of wine. So why not make the next stop of your holiday in Greece a tour of his theatre? Dionysus wass not just the God of wine but also of theatre and agriculture and the large size of the theatre at Dionysus clearly shows the level of importance that the Ancient Greeks placed on forms of entertainment such as the theatre. It was here that the plays of Sophocles, Aristophanes and Euripides were first shown and it would definitely be a tragedy if you missed this incredible attraction whilst on your holidays in Greece.

Jane Wilkinson is the marketing manager for Cadogan Holidays. This multi-award-winning travel company provides tailor made holidays in Greece with the very best luxury hotels in Greece.